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U.S. Airline Careers ~ Company History

Founded in 1994, U.S. Airline Careers has provided Employment Services, Career Counseling, and Career Guidance  to Applicants of the Airline Industry in a variety of geographic regions throughout its history.  Our range of  employment services and geographic coverage has grown steadily over the years to match the needs of airline applicants across the United  States.  Our traditional expertise began with Flight Attendant Positions, Customer Service Representatives  (CSR's), CSR Call Center Positions, Ramp Agents, and Baggage Handlers.

Today, we also offer a comprehensive array of resume, cover letter, thank you letter, and airline application  services for our Clients.  We have expanded our services to encompass  the career counseling and career guidance needs of airline applicants for Administrative / Office / Clerical Personnel, Reservation  Agents, Ticketing Agents, Station Agents / Managers, Data Entry  Positions, Aircraft Fueling, Aircraft Service, and Aircraft Cleaning  Positions.

We are now equipped with the expertise to provide Career Counseling /  Guidance to aspiring Airline Mechanics, and provide them with all of the  necessary tools required to search for FAA certified Airframe &  Power-plant (A & P) education centers to obtain their A & P  Certificate.  U.S. Airline Careers  also provides guidance to aspiring Student Pilots, as well as  experienced commercial  pilots who dream of flying the heavy iron in the  friendly skies one day for a Major Airline.

As an East Coast entity focused on airline employment and Career Counseling, U.S. Airline Careers has evolved from a service-based Guidance Center,  into a nationwide Airline Career Guidance Expert.  Our Career  Counselors are among the most professional and experienced employees in  the airline industry.  The Employment Services, Career Counseling Services, and Career Guidance Services of U.S. Airline Careers are guaranteed, in writing.

You have been cleared for takeoff !  The runway to your new career in  the airline industry is wide open, just waiting for you to seize this  opportunity !  By choosing an airline career, you have potentially  joined an industry that has grown astronomically in the last 35 years.   This trend will likely continue in the future.  Furthermore, many  airlines reward employees and their immediate family with the chance to  travel for extremely reduced or free airfare.  You now have the  opportunity to capture these, as well as many other benefits, by  obtaining a job with the airlines.  You CAN do it !

Obtaining a job with the airlines is not nearly as difficult as it  may appear.  In fact, the airlines have hired twice as many employees  since deregulation in 1978 as they have in the past 46 years.    Deregulation of the airlines in 1978 allowed the industry to expand very  rapidly for the first few years.  The Federal Government had controlled  nearly every economic aspect of the airline industry, limiting the  capacity of flights, the frequency of flights, and the number of  operating firms in the market.  In many ways, we are still experiencing  the effects of airline deregulation.  System capacity has remained  relatively high; airline mergers continue to occur; new routes/services  have steadily emerged; domestic and foreign carriers are creating new  alliances; and the entire aviation community around the world is moving  closer to the notion of free market competition.  As many as 175 airline  carriers have emerged and disappeared since deregulation.  

As previously mentioned, the airline industry will presumably remain  on the fast track of growth for the unforeseeable future.  As this trend  continues, the demand for enthusiastic and motivated applicants will  remain high in order to maintain the overall prosperity of the airline  industry.  In short, you now have the chance to launch a career in this  booming industry.  Our program will equip you with all of the tools  necessary to land a job in today’s impenetrable labor marketPlease, DO NOT waste this rare opportunity !  Begin Now !

Disclaimer:  Although U.S. Airline Careers will make every effort to assist applicants  in obtaining as many interviews as practicable within their personal  limitations, we can not guarantee a position with any particular  carrier.  Please be advised that U.S. Airline Careers has absolutely no  affiliation with any Airline, Domestic or  International.  Although U.S. Airline Careers is a viable source of  accurate information and provides a wealth of assistance to obtain an  airline position, we are not a required process for securing a position  with a carrier.  Our main goal is to complement  the applicant's individual effort to obtain employment with a carrier. 


U.S. Airline Careers has constructed a refund policy that provides an incentive  for applicants to pursue their career goals by completing our program.   We have established a series of minimum program guidelines in order to  attain this goal.  If, after completing the minimum program guidelines,  you have not received the following benefits from our Airline Career  Development Program, you will be issued a refund.

These valuable benefits consist of :

Professional  guidance and assistance to secure employment from a Career Counselor  with vast experience in FAR Part 121 Airline Operations, FAR Part 135  Charter Operations, and FAR Part 91 Corporate Operations/Fractional  Operations.

Beneficial advice and assistance to the applicant in his/her preparation of applications to a minimum of 10 different airlines.

Professional  guidance on the proper completion of your resume, cover letter, thank  you letter, and various other types of correspondence.

Current listings of the airline positions in your area and throughout the nation.

Current listings of the airlines that are accepting applications for near term future position openings.

A foundation of information regarding the airline industry and predictions for its future economic growth.

Essential  listings of the airline hiring centers across the United States  designated for accepting applications via their website, via email, or  via USPS Mail. 


We  have created a program that will prepare our airline applicants with  ALL of the tools necessary to succeed in the competitive job market of  today's world. We guarantee that once you have made use of our Guide and  carefully followed each of the steps outlined within that Guide, you  will experience the above benefits with our assistance.

If, in your opinion, U.S. Airline Careers does not provide the benefits  outlined above, you will be authorized for a refund by writing....  U.S. Airline Careers at : 1575 Postal Road, Unit 554, Chester, MD  21619.  Please  include the following with a written request for a refund: 1) Copies of  ten (10) paper applications or website Application Submission Pages  from ten (10) different Airlines. 2) Copies of ten (10) rejection  letters or emails (on Airline Letterhead) to match each of the ten (10)  Airlines you unsuccessfully applied to. 3) Include the U.S. Airline Careers Applicant ID # issued to you with your written request.



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